• Portuguese brands Elementum, 7 Hills and Marita Moreno received the 'FOMA - Symbol of Harmony Award' at the Australian initiative Fashions of Multicultural Australia (FOMA).

    The participation of the three brands at the event, which was coordinated by AICEP - Australia, was developed "around the motto 'crafting the future inspired by you', emphasizing a fashion approach focused on the harmony between comfort, quality and environmental concern", revealed the AICEP said in a statement.

    The achievement of this award allows Elementum, 7 Hills and Marita Moreno to receive invitations to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, held in Sydney in May, as well as mentoring and networking sessions aimed at addressing the industry in Australia. The brands can also make a presentation at the TAFE NSW school, which teaches courses in fashion. The FOMA fashion show, which aims to "recognize the origins of Australian fashion and how it was historically affected by migration," as it can be read on the event's website, took place on March 10 in Sydney, and included 120 looks from 13 original designers from different geographies (Portugal, Lebanon, Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, Turkey, the Philippines and India, among others).

    In addition to the prize awarded to Portuguese brands, the event also recognized the designer Alberto Barros for his collection of Language of the Eye (FOMA Designer of the Year Award) and the Turkish creator Abdullah Oztoprak "for introducing fashion as an art form" (FOMA International Designer of the Year Award).